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    Platypus : The Great Divide Two raindrops fall side by side, slightly compressed spheres tumbling from the sky. One of these raindrops will arrive in the Southern Ocean just near Goolwa, the other in the Pacific Ocean via Pitwater; half a continent apart.       Like the torn edge of a piece […]


    have you ever wondered why we dream and what they mean? As her weary head laid upon the silk pillowcase and the stars danced outside her window, her mind wandered into the colourful abyss which was her imagination. Exhaustion overcame reality and quietly she slipped into a reverie. And until the morning broke, […]


  what would it look like if we lived in a black and white world? At just the right time of day, into the room through a tiny hole in the blinds shone a bright ray of light. Cascading into the space, a stream of white light. His curiosity overcame him, and placing a prism […]


    puffins. do we really need to say more? That really irritating itch that you just can’t get. In the spot you can’t reach. When all hope seems lost and the satisfaction which should follow this action seems unattainable you realise something. Scratching sticks exist, finally a way to end the story in a […]

Petrichor – CSIRO’s greatest invention

  known as the blood of stone, what does it smell like? The arid land began to stir as a familiar and yet nostalgic scent filled the air. Leaves swayed in the wind and wildlife scurried in search of shelter, but she welcomed it like a friend not seen for a lifetime. With the clouds […]

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