At Passionately Curious we are building an ecosystem within STEM which removes barriers for students. We provide ‘pathways’, which are different methods for connecting with students and ensuring they have equal access to opportunity. 









remote, regional and rural


Remote, rural and regional students are falling behind in STEM subjects, with the average 15-year old from remote regions being approximately 1.5 years behind their metropolitan counterparts in science subjects.


first nations students


Currently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have low STEM engagement. These students also represent a very small proportion of STEM enrolments in tertiary education, especially in natural and physical sciences. 


girls and women in stem


In Australia, boys outnumber girls 3 to 1 in year 12 physics classes. This is also reflected in outcomes after school, where women make up less than a quarter of students studying STEM at a tertiary level.




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